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Omt-shirts Clothing Brand Launch
Omt-shirts Clothing Brand Launch

OM – The Mother of all Mantras. The beginning and the culmination. The word that encompasses heavens, earth, and the underworld, the Hindu Gods (Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva). Some say it’s even among the sounds recorded in deep space – on NASA’s website, Earth itself sounds a bit Om!

Om has endured in popularity simply because of its vibration – how we feel when we chant it ‘The sound itself seems to calm the nervous system’. Yet Om is also the Mother divinity where all being are born and fed including the divine ones.

When asked what was the idea behind floating their merchandise with the name Om?

The CEO says somewhere in our subconscious mind all our activities, actions are correlated and our soul works like a machinery syncing up with mind. Thus he chose the most celestial word. And how does the merchandise work? There is a hoard of other collections that would spark the divinity in you. From wall collections to phone cases to leggings and many more. The imprinting goes through a special process which involves laser technology to bring the best clarity and the highest resolution process.

When asked about the material, the CEO says

“We use non-chemical and non-allergic material so it is not rough on the skin and is ultralight to carry”. The next question was where all the merchandise is shipped? With a smile the CEO said “Just like how Om is everywhere, similarly we ship our merchandise to all corners of the world”, clearly showing the confidence he has on the word. The interaction took many turns and we hopped on to the subject of movies, and the CEO was quick enough to remind me the song from Sirivennela “Vidhata talapuna prabhavinchinadi anaadi jeevana vedam...ommm” reminding me yet again his fascination towards the word Om. The more I was hearing to him, I felt the Om vibrations around me. I felt inquisitive and hopped on to the website and to my surprise I found t-shirts having Minions and other cartoon characters realizing that the merchandise is just not limited to the conscious self but the site also boosts of fashionistas! clearly shows it was a well thought idea to promote the branding. Easy to navigate, tons of options to choose from and yes a secure site to do the shopping. As summer comes closer this is the ideal time to wear those sleeves and show it the world!

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